In the event of a complaint being made Vesta London Ltd will adopt the following procedures:

  1. Jonathan Hebb, Director, will deal with the complaint. Contact should be made through any of the following:

    Address: 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH
    Phone: 07769 743 402

  2. If the initial complaint was verbal it should be followed up in writing to Vesta London Ltd.
  3. A written complaint will be responded to by Jonathan Hebb in writing within fourteen days with his understanding of the complaint. The complainant will be invited to make further comments.
  4. Within twenty eight days of receipt of the complainant’s written complaint or its further comments whichever is later, Jonathan Hebb will write to the complainant with the outcome of his investigation into the complaint and will inform the complainant what actions will be taken.
  5. If the complaint is made by a Consumer and the complainant remains dissatisfied with any aspect of the internal handling of the complaint, then application may be made to the
    Ombudsman Services:

    Property detailed below:

    Ombudsman Service: Property

    PO Box 1021
    WA4 9FE
    T: 0330 440 1634 or 01925 530270
    F: 0330 440 1635 or 01925 530271

  6. If the complainant remains unhappy about the way in which the complaint is being handled the complainant should contact the RICS Regulation team:

    RICS Regulation
    Surveyor Court
    Westwood Way
    CV4 8JE
    T: 020 7695 1670