Office Leasehold Acquisitions

Vesta London is a market leader in advising commercial clients and acquiring offices all over London and the South East. Offering various levels of strategic advice and can assist with expansion and/or reductions in space or simply scenarios triggered by lease events. With a highly experienced, driven and market aware team, we are capable of dealing with any associated challenge or problem. Our goal is always to secure the best financial and legal terms on behalf of our clients.

Freehold Purchases

We have the very best market coverage and fully aware of what is available both on and off market situations. Vesta are experts in unlocking options and knowledge of pre-market opportunities.


Occupier Disposals

Vesta London is able to advise on the options and strategy available for potential lease assignments, sublease disposals and/or lease surrenders. Our role is to offer the most effective and informed advice in order to mitigate our clients’ liability as much as we can.

Serviced Offices

Vesta has the best platforms to run through the options associated with conventional versus serviced relocations and/or acquisitions. We provide a detailed insight into the market and once the right space is found we negotiate the best price and terms.

Rent Renewals & Lease Renewals

Addressing the consequences of lease events such as rent reviews, break options and lease expiries are crucial to either maximising the returns from a property and/or minimising the associated costs. Addressing a rent review, break option and lease expiry early is important with a view to using this time to negotiate the very best terms. The intention is to reduce any uplifts as much as possible and where options to break are in play, to negotiate and maximise any incentives and mitigate any negative terms.

Building Surveying & Project Consultancies

Whether an occupier is leasing or purchasing an office, it’s imperative to carry out due diligence. This includes a building/structural survey, mechanical and electrical surveys, schedule of conditions or any on-site project management in relation to fit out or repairing dilapidations. If dilapidations are not dealt with properly, tenants can expose themselves to excessive exit costs.